Richard Kern : Action

Richard Kern : Action

Action est le livre révélateur de Richard Kern. Aimant les femmes sans prétentions ni artifices, mais surtout déshabillées, Kern a toujours conservé à l’égard de celles-ci et de leurs secrets une curiosité de petit garçon, qu’il nous invite à découvrir dans cette superbe édition de près de 300 pages.

Plutôt que de faire poser ses exhibitionnistes décomplexées dans un décor stérile, Kern les suit dans son appartement new-yorkais, de la chambre à la cuisine en passant par la salle de bains, immortalisant des moments parfois embarrassants mais si sexy.

Le livre comprend aussi un film original d’une heure, réalisé par Richard Kern sur une bande-son exclusive de Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)

Richard Kern likes real women : unpretentious, unadorned, and definitely undressed. Those who love Kern know each book is an invitation to join him in his privileged world where natural young women share their most intimate moments. Richard has never lost his boyish curiosity with girls and their secrets, so instead of posing them in sterile sets he follows them through the house—or rather his New York apartment—from backyard to kitchen to bathroom to bedroom, capturing every sexy and embarrassing moment. Action is his most revealing book yet. For 280 pages we careen through the life of Kern, accompanied by dozens of energetic, fun-loving, clothes-dropping exhibitionists. Young women want to show the world they’re not like their man-hating women’s lib mothers, a Kern model once told me, and these girls certainly get the point across. To further assist the young ladies in their rebellion, the book includes an hour-long DVD of original Kern film with an exclusive musical score by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. Way to stick it to the Mom, ladies ! And thank you, Richard, you lucky dog.

The artist : Richard Kern was born in North Carolina in 1954 and has lived and worked in New York City since 1979. In the 80s, he produced a series of short films that now are recognized as the central works of the movement known as the Cinema of Transgression. In the 90s he switched to still photography full time and occasionally directed music -videos for bands including Sonic Youth and Marilyn Manson. Kern has published nine books and is a regular contributor to a variety of international publications.

The writer : Richard Prince, painter, photographer and collagist was born in 1949 in the Panama Canal Zone. He is known as a critic of and commentator on American consumer culture and as a master of appropriated art. He currently lives and works in Upstate New York.

The editor : Dian Hanson is a twenty-five-year veteran of men’s magazine publishing. She began her career at Puritan magazine in 1976 and went on to edit a variety of titles, including Partner, Oui, Hooker, Outlaw Biker, and Juggs magazines. In 1987 she took over the 60s title Leg Show and transformed it into the world’s best-selling fetish publication. She is also the author of TASCHEN’s Dian Hanson’s History of Men’s Magazines six volume set, The Big Book of Breasts and The New Erotic Photography.

Richard Kern : Action
de Richard Kern

Richard Kern : Action, de Richard Kern
Éditeur: Taschen
Parution: Février 2007
Pages: 280
ISBN-13: 978-3822856499