Après le succès du Sumo consacré à Helmut Newton en 1999, Taschem rend un nouvel hommage à de grands photographes contemporains dans une collection de livres exceptionnels. Araki ouvre le bal ; c’est une rétrospective de presque 1000 photographies du maître japonais limitées et signées à 2500 exemplaires.

Araki The subject is Japanese photographer Araki, a man who talks about life through photographs. His powerful oeuvre, decades’ worth of images, has been pared down to 540 pages of photographs which tell the story of Araki and comprise the ultimate retrospective collection of his work.

- Known best for his intimate, snapshot-style images of women often tied up with ropes (kinbaku, Japanese rope-tying art) and of colorful, sensual flowers, Araki is an artist who reacts strongly to his emotions and uses photography to experience them more fully. Obsessed with women, Araki seeks to come closer to them through photography, using ropes like an embrace and the click of the shutter like a kiss. His work is at once shocking and mysteriously tender ; a deeply personal artist, Araki is not afraid of his emotions nor of showing them to the world.

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- Araki by Araki : The Photographer’s Personal Selection 1963-2002 - Voir ce livre
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de Araki Nobuyoshi

Araki de Araki Nobuyoshi
Éditeur: Taschen
Parution: Mai 2007
Pages: 557
ISBN-13: 978-3822838235