Anton Corbijn : U2 and I

Anton Corbijn : U2 and I

Cet ouvrage retrace la somme de travail photographique colossale qu’Anton Corbijn, photographe intime du groupe depuis 1982, a réalisé sur U2. Cet “album de famille et artistiqu”e est à feuilleter et re-feuilleter Vous retrouverez les photos privées et officielles qui constituent l’ouvrage de référence,en matière de reportage photographique, sur ce groupe mythique.

Ever since 1982, in other words for over 22 years now, Dutch star photographer Anton Corbijn has been one of the creative minds accompanying the inexorable rise of Irish rock group U2 to the status of the world’s greatest rock band. It has been an ultra-special symbiotic relationship that in terms of continuity and loyalty flies in the face of today’s trend to prioritize short-lived links. Moreover, it is quite unique in the music world, because hardly any other photographer has remained true to a band over such a lengthy period of time - and vice versa.

Anton Corbijn more or less "invented" U2’s image as a band and even today he continues to play a strong part in defining it. Behind the scenes, with camera in hand, he has followed the band’s constantly growing fame and success, preserving for posterity the key moments in their career in the form of his characteristically Corbijn photographs.

Now Anton Corbijn is dedicating a major photo-book to his collaboration with the band, choosing for it the telling title U2&i. It is a superb book and will no doubt drive any sincere U2 fan into paroxysms of joy. On February 11, 2005 U2&i is coming out world-wide under the imprint of Munich-based publishers Schirmer/Mosel.

A total of 380 color and duotone plates provide a quite extraordinary and intimate chronicle of the band’s path from local unknowns to legendary super-stars and the photographer’s own development as an artist, documenting the public and private face of the band, the long-standing friendship between Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen and Corbijn, the ways in which they provided mutual inspiration, while shedding one image for another in a process of ongoing self-transformation. The oldest photo dates back to 1982 and was taken in New Orleans ; the most recent one was shot in Lisbon in 2004 for "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb", the new U2 album. In this way, the history they have lived through together itself becomes a part of photo-history.

Corbijn has added handwritten notes as picture captions, thus also ensuring the book is a highly readable document of his personal memories, giving it the feel of a private album.

Wim Wenders, who likewise collaborated with the band, has joined many other renowned authors in contributing to the volume, and calls Corbijn “the fifth member of the band who plays an inaudible instrument”.

By way of introduction, the book features Anton Corbijn and Bono interviewing each other, humorously reviewing their joint history and offering many a minor anecdote on their long-standing friendship and collaboration.

Alongside Wim Wenders, other famous fans of the work of U2 and Corbijn have also put pen to paper, recording their personal memories of both in beautiful texts that in addition to the book’s visual diversity give it a strong narrative range. They are, in alphabetical order former President Bill Clinton, super-model Helena Christensen, cyber-author William Gibson, Michael Stipe of R.E.M, music writer Paul Morley, and Salman Rushdie, himself the author of a U2 song. In particular, Paul Morley’s essay constitutes a monument to the artistic endeavors of U2 and Corbijn. Salman Rushdie hits the nail on the head when describing the relationship between Corbijn and U2 with the words "they deserve one another." Just as U2 and Corbijn fans deserve this publication, which is quite unique among books on contemporary pop culture. The book itself is a star, a star in its own right alongside other Pop books, indeed quite probably the greatest star among them.

Anton Corbijn : U2 and I
Anton Corbijn : U2 and I : the Photographs 1982-2004
de Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn : U2 and I : the Photographs 1982-2004
Éditeur: Schirmer/Mosel
Parution: Octobre 2007
Pages: 416
ISBN-13: 978-3829603195