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Daily Photo – The Big Sur Sunset Yesterday I shared a shot taken while waiting for sunset. This was the scene a little later. Well worth the (...)
The Big Sur Sunset
Daily Photo – Textures near Big Sur While we were waiting on the approaching sunset, I grabbed this shot which just felt right for a little (...)
Textures near Big Sur
Here’s the movie trailer… Let’s embark on a thrilling and transformative four-night journey with Ayahuasca at Rythmia in Costa Rica! This thing has (...)
Four Nights in a Row of Ayahuasca at Rythmia in Costa Rica
Daily Photo – Not Burning Man Although it looks like it, this isn’t from Burning Man. Just a random moment at SXSW where I ended up at a party that (...)
Not Burning Man
Daily Photo – Evening Light and the Summer Palace I didn’t make it to the Summer Palace until my final evening in Beijing during this trip. That (...)
Evening Light and the Summer Palace
Saw this report in the news today talking about how a remote tribe in the amazon got internet for their village and now just 8months later they (...)
Breaking a Society
Daily Photo – Out Testing Captured while out gathering images that may make it into my a7CR review… Out Testing Photo Information Date (...)
Out Testing
Daily Photo – Istanbul Something a bit more classic in design compared to the last few days of modern concrete and electric light… Istanbul Photo (...)
Daily Photo – Unshared Singapore It’s weird how often I stumble across images I don’t think I’ve shared before. In this case it’s one of Singapore (...)
Unshared Singapore
Daily Photo – Osaka Orange It’s always interesting to see cities from high up and compare how they are compared to others in terms of overall (...)
Osaka Orange
Daily Photo – NYC Blue This was a fairly subdued visit to NYC, unlike my most recent one which included more than one hospital stay. It was a… (...)
NYC Blue
Daily Photo – Synchronistic Wargs You might remember this Castle Hill area of New Zealand from the Lord of the Rings movies. I think they were in (...)
Synchronistic Wargs
Daily Photo – The Mirror Lakes Here’s another photo from the recent road trip. It was one of those fairly rare days with almost no wind, and I (...)
The Mirror Lakes
Daily Photo – Castle Hill Here’s a scene from the incredible area just near Arthur’s Pass on the South Island of New Zealand called Castle Hill. I (...)
Castle Hill
Daily Photo – Inside the Teatro Nacional Here’s another image from inside the Teatro Nacional with its awesome ceilings… Inside the Teatro Nacional (...)
Inside the Teatro Nacional