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My interest in photography began in the 1960’s But I had three problems. No dark room, very little skill at the time, and even less... The post (...)
Large format from a full-frame digital camera ? Yes, it can be done
The Nikon Z6 III ($1,596.95) was only announced a couple of weeks ago, but it already appears to have started getting into a couple of... The (...)
Killed your Nikon Z6 III already ? Nikon’s released a repair manual for you
Well, this is interesting. It looks like Pentax isn’t the only one bringing film back. Chinese company Yes!Star is also backing film with a new... (...)
Yes !Star S1 is a new 35mm film camera from China
Financial reports are usually pretty boring. But when they come with a summary and a Q&A sheet, they can sometimes be quite interesting. They (...)
Fujifilm admits that product shortages are a marketing ploy to keep prices high
A camera battery is a camera’s lifeline. We all carry spare camera batteries, even on quick visits to locations. They can be fussy and finicky... (...)
Llano Camera Batteries, Charger, and Power Pack, a review
David Johnson's photo series of long exposure fireworks with a focus pull technique have gone viral around the web. Many people have been asking (...)
How to photograph spiky fireworks with long exposure
We all know it happens. It’s kind of the whole purpose of stock photography. But it just feels wrong, somehow, when the companies that make... (...)
Panasonic comes clean : 77 products marketed with images shot by other gear
One of the more challenging aspects of shooting video for many people has nothing to do with the picture at all. It’s the audio. But... The post (...)
Three essential microphone setups you need to know for your videos
Odyssey, NASA’s longest-running robotic explorer at Mars, is about to hit a major milestone: 100,000 trips around the Red Planet! To celebrate (...)
NASA’s Odyssey captures unseen view of Olympus Mons, the solar system’s tallest volcano
There’s only a month left to enter the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, and let’s just say, the competition is heating up faster than a (...)
See the most hilarious wildlife photos of 2024 (so far)
Sony Japan has issued an alert for the company’s CEA-G (Tough) series CFexpress Type A memory cards. Under certain conditions, the card can become (...)
Sony issues partial recall on Tough CFexpress Type A memory cards
A seemingly ordinary day in upstate New York took a dramatic turn when a resident decided to take drone matters into his own hands –... The post (...)
Man under arrest for shooting at his neighbor’s drone with a shotgun
With the rise of AI and Adobe’s recent troubles, a lot of consumers are losing confidence in the good faith of the companies that make... The (...)
Blackmagic taunts Adobe with “No AI Training” notice
Whether we’re filming ourselves or someone else, spoken pieces to the camera are something most of us do at some point. For YouTubers, live (...)
Here’s how to light video when speaking to the camera
Actor Jeff Bridges recently shared a heartwarming anecdote about meeting his wife, Susan Geston, nearly 40 years ago. The story is adorable on (...)
I’m not crying, you are : Jeff Bridges shares photo of the exact moment he met his wife