Livres de photos et monographie par Auteur / photographe : Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Auteur / photographe : Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Jean-Baptiste Mondino: Guitar Eros

Jean-Baptiste Mondino: Guitar Eros, de Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Steve Hiett

Jean-Baptiste Mondino’s digitally processed photographs and video clips radically changed the commercial strategies of the rock, pop and fashion industry and made him a guru of the trade. Yet, (...)

Jean-Baptiste Mondino: Deja Vu

Jean-Baptiste Mondino: Deja Vu, de Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Jean-Baptiste Mondino is one of the most influential imag-makers of our times and among professional photographers the cult figure of young art directors and designers. The world of images we (...)

Mondino: Two Much

Mondino: Two Much, de Jean-Baptiste Mondino

After his bestselling book Déja vu, Jean-Baptiste Mondino presents his equally mesmerizing sequel Two Much. His photographs, digitally processed pictures, and video clips radically changed the (...)